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Dynamic Drill & Blast

Our Vision

Who We Want to Be

Elevating mining efficiency and safety through professional and proactive drill
and blast solutions with highly experienced, skilled and trained personnel. In the pursuit of this vision, the Dynamic Drill and Blast aims to be a national leader in providing cutting – edge, safe, and efficient Drill and Blast solutions that empower mining operations, contributing to sustainable resource extraction and enhancing industry standards.

Company Overview

Who We Are & What We Do

Dynamic Drill and Blast possesses the capability to cater to diverse requirements, ranging from extensive production blasts to delicate civil work sensitive to vibrations. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs, tailoring our blasts to optimise results in alignment with client specified requirements. Our team is proficient in all facets of drill and blasting and has an established track record that consistently delivers excellent results across various blasting domains.

Dynamic Drill and Blast operate modern, low houred equipment, encompassing top=of-the-line hammer drill rigs and down-hole hammer drill rigs. This strategic investment ensures minimal environmental impact and translates into tangible cost savings, particularly in terms of fuel consumption and production delays.