Drilling and blasting services are utilised in the mining sector for resource extraction and civil construction work such as road, rail, residential and industrial construction. DDB primarily provides drilling and blasting services required to break rock for excavation. DDB also offers ancillary services within the industries such as blast hole drilling, wall control drilling, depressurisation drilling, probe drilling, equipment hire, labour hire, mining & quarrying blasting services, controlled blasting services, vibration and overpressure monitoring, rock breaking solutions using non-explosive products and explosive storage facilities. All of the services offered by DDB are carried out on site location as required or requested by its customers. DDB has built its reputation within the industry as being flexible to customers’ needs while offering the technical support required for successfully executing each project.
DDB offers flexibility to customers within the services provided including stand-alone blasting services, labour hire, equipment hire and/or drilling services.



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