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Drilling & Blasting Service Company

Welcome To Dynamic Drill & Blast

You have a monumental constructional project in front of you. One which requires careful planning and specialized experience. Nothing else but quality work is expected from everyone involved.

But before you can start there are numerous obstacles in the way which could very well threaten the project. Or even cause construction costs to swell. Either scenario can be disastrous even before construction work begins.

At Dynamic Drill and Blast we know exactly how to get your project moving in the right direction.

We are a complete drilling and blasting service company. We have been providing exceptional services to clients in the mining, quarry and civil industries. From specialty blasting to removing boulders, our priority is to get the job done in the most efficient and safest way possible.

And what separates us from our competitors is our level of expertise in the field and our team of expert personnel with years of experience.

We take pride in the reputation we have established as a leading provider of these services in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Our team of professionals have over 70 years of combined experienced with large open cut mining and full production blasting.

 We constantly strive to exceed expectations and we have developed the expertise needed to deliver precision blasting services. Our level of experience in the industry is simply unmatched and allows us to meet difficult schedules without sacrificing quality.

 And the results show in the services we provide which include the following.

Contract Labour Hire

At Dynamic Drill and Blast, we understand that finding an experienced workforce can be a challenge. Heavy machinery requires specialized experience and certain projects have strict requirements. With a looming deadline, further delays can easily cause a project to exceed initial costs.

Our services include providing experts from our team of qualified personnel for your project. Hiring the right workforce means getting a project completed on time and within budget. Both of which are crucial factors for any type of construction work. We make sure to provide you with suitable individuals for the task at hand.

 Depending on your needs we have professionals from site managers to drillers and experienced offsiders available for hire. Due to the nature of the work and heavy machinery involved, every single one of our personnel undergoes rigorous training to ensure utmost safety.

Technical Support

Technical experts are needed to keep mining and civil construction projects on track. Our consultants are highly experienced in providing comprehensive drill and blast designs. These layouts provide crucial information and allow greater control in a blast without compromising the safety of others.

Our team can also create important documentations to outline all procedures and safety plans. These reports are developed to adhere to current regulations and are necessary before work can commence.

Vibration Monitoring relies on sensors and diagnostic software to detect machinery faults. This form of asset protection has applications in a wide variety of industries. Our experts can provide this type of analysis on an as needed basis for your project.

Specialty Drilling and Blasting

At Dynamic Drill and Blast, our team is highly experienced in delivering services according to project requirements from large production blasts to vibration sensitive civil work. Our proven techniques are engineered for minimal disturbance to surrounding areas.

Our drilling machinery allows us to drill holes up to 25m deep with a range from 32mm to 127mm. We also have extensive experience in performing quarry blasting, open pit mining, pre splitting and more. Depending on the project specifications we have the ability to carry out the work in an efficient and safe manner.

Our options are ideal for all requirements for the mining and civil industries. The services we provide are all competitively priced.

Contact Us

Feel free to browse through our website for the contract labour hire, technical support and specialty services we offer. Apart from our quality services, we also prioritize your convenience and include detailed descriptions of our range of services..

At Dynamic Drill and Blast, we understand the importance of communication. We make it our priority to precisely identify your needs so we can meet and exceed them. We boast a successful track record of performing quality work for our clients across the civil and mining industries.

Our clients continue working with us for a reason as we constantly deliver exceptional results. To learn more about our services in detail and how we can help your project, contact us at 6555 7782 for an initial consultation.

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