Controlled drilling and blasting technics have been successfully refined over the years by using industry proven techniques which now allow project stakeholders to have 100% confidence in controlled drilling and blasting practices.  Each blast is designed to produce zero fly rock, minimal vibration/ over pressure while fracturing rock to the specification outlined within each projects scope of work. When blasting near existing infrastructure quality control becomes the critical component to achieve a successful blast. Our team members understand the importance to follow each design correctly which is why Dynamic Drill and Blast continue to be a leader in controlled drilling and blasting activities within Australia. Dynamic Drill and Blast have successfully executed multiple projects over the last 10 years which required special attention when protecting the following:

Aboriginal Heritage Areas
Heritage Listed Buildings
Power Lines
Gazetted Roads
Fibre Optic Cables
Residential Dwellings
Rail Lines
Spillways / Reservoir Concrete Walls


Technical Support

Dynamic Drill and Blast have an extensive technical support group available for hire.
Our Consultants / Drill and Blast Designers offer the following services:

Drill and Blast Consultants (mining and civil)
Drill and Blast Designers (mining and civil)
Vibration Monitoring: a) Heritage b) Residential c) Construction
Labour Hire (Experienced controlled blasting personnel)


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