Bulk Explosive Supplies

Dynamic Drill and Blast will be taking delivery of the first MPU In September 2013 and this will be based at our site in Onslow, WA. Delivery of a second truck is expected to be in January 2014.

The trucks being delivered will have capacities of 13.5t as a road legal weight and an onsite weight of 17t, sufficient for most works. The emulsion being supplied is a waterproof explosive that is pumped into the holes which reduces product waste.

We will be supplying an emulsion product which will also require the use of 2 gassing agents. The emulsion is relatively insensitive to accidental initiation.

The VOD of the emulsion we are supplying has a variable VOD depending on which density is chosen from 0.8 density – 4500 m/s up to 1.2 density – 5400 m/s. It can be slept for a maximum of 7 day and once fired the post blast fumes are reduced.

The gassing rate for the emulsion is approximately 30 minutes at 30 degrees C.

The emulsion in its un-gassed state is considered a class 5.1 and is also stored as the same class, it is not cap sensitive and requires a booster for efficient initiation.

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